Wellness Policy

Wellness Policy

The Fullerton School District Board of Trustees adopts the current policy regarding student wellness. This policy incorporates nutrition education, physical education, and implementation of strict requirements for all food and beverages offered to students at school. The District must also comply with State and Federal requirements because it participates in the National School Lunch & Breakfast Programs.

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Competitive Food/Beverage (Smart Snack) Sales Guidance

Any food or beverage sales that take place at a school site from midnight through 30 minutes after school must comply with federal and state regulations.  This includes, but is not limited to:

  • fundraisers (i.e. chocolate, candy, cookie dough, popcorn, girl scout cookies)
  • snack bars
  • after school sales
  • candy grams
  • student stores

A sale is an exchange of food or beverages for money, coupons, vouchers, or order forms when any part of the exchange occurs on a school campus. 

All food or beverages sold at a school site from midnight through 30 minutes after school must be approved by Nutrition Services to confirm compliance.  This information must be kept on file for the California Department of Education, Nutrition Services Division.  Please contact Nancy Wikes at [email protected] for more information.