About mySchoolBucks

Parents who choose to make payments by credit card can use mySchoolBucks to put funds into their students' meal accounts. This service is offered as a convenience for parents, and the cost of providing this service is paid by the parents by way of membership fees or transaction fees. Fees - English and Spanish Korean. Toll-free help link for parents: 855-832-5226.

Managing Student Meal Accounts

Parents may put money in their student's meal account at any time depending on the method they choose.

Did You Know?

There is no fee to set-up an account and view your child’s meal purchases, balances and to set-up an automated email notice when your child’s meal account falls below a dollar amount you specify.

fruitsParents can view their student's meal account balance by setting up a FREE mySchoolBucks account, www.myschoolbucks.com, or pay by cash or check in the school office. Use a prepayment envelope available in the school office or print one using the following template on a No. 10 standard business envelope.

Parents who have written "bounced checks" may be denied the privilege of paying by check for their students' meal accounts.

Parents can view a print-out of student meal account balances in their school's office. An up-to-date print-out is made available each week.

Account Balances and Refunds

Money left in students' accounts is carried over from year-to-year for as long as the student remains enrolled in the District. Once the child knows that they are leaving, the parent/guardian may request a refund by using the Meal Account Request Form or they should ask that the funds be transferred to a sibling's account. It is important to note that refunds must be requested within one year of the student's departure from the District. To request the transfer by phone, call the Nutrition Office at 714-447-7435.

"Low-Balance Letters" are sent home with students, automated phone messages and emails are also sent out each week when a student's meal account balance falls below $2.00 for reduced-priced and $12.00 for paid. Please check the date of the letter to see if the letter was delayed in reaching you. You may have made a payment, and the low-balance letter was printed before the payment was applied. If you don't want to receive low-balance letters, automated phone calls or emails. You can request a refund of the amount in your student's meal account OR bring the balance up to at least one week's total meal payments so your child will have funds in the account in case they forget their lunch/don't bring money one day.

Parental Responsibility

potatoesIt is the parent's responsibility to make sure that the student has enough money (cash or in account) to buy food each day OR bring a lunch from home. The District can NOT lend the student money for lunch. If your child has insufficient funds, or no funds in the account, your child will receive and alternate/emergency meal (Per the 2017-2018 New school lunch policy .) Your child will still accrue a negative balance that the parents will be responsible to pay back to District. 

Per District policy, the District does not loan money to children or parents at any time.

Transaction reports for student meal accounts can be requested at any time during the school year. Information is available only for the current school year. Transaction reports must be requested before the school year ends. To request a transaction report, send an email to Angela Lu specifying the student's name, school, and Student ID Number. Please allow two weeks for processing your request.

Junior High Menu

Junior high school students are able to buy a la carte items. The items are typically charged as "miscellaneous", "entree", etc., and students either pay cash for these items or they are charged to the student's meal account. Students may make purchases up to the balance remaining in their accounts. Accounts are not restricted, so parents and students should discuss how the meal account funds are to be used. Students may purchase more than one meal/entree/beverage/etc. each day. To view these purchases, use your myschoolbucks account. The junior high menu is available on the Nutrition Services webpage under "Menus".

Questions about meal applications? Click here.

mySchoolBucks Accounts

my school bucks linkParents may put money in their student's meal account 24 hours a day, 7 days a week using www.myschoolbucks.com. Parents should remember that payments take up to two school days to be applied to their student's account. See above for links to documents regarding fees for using this service.

Automatic payments may be set up in mySchoolBucks. They can be set up as monthly or weekly automatic payments, and they can also be set up to pay if the student's account drops below a set amount.

Users may set up a free account if they only want to view the student's balance and transactions. A free account does not permit the user to make payments on students' accounts. If a user wants to be able to make payments on an account, they will be required to pay a fee based on the terms defined at www.myschoolbucks.com.

Questions and Answers about mySchoolBucks:

Who do I call if I'm having trouble with my account?

First, call the Nutrition Office (714-447-7435). If the problem remains unsolved, call MySchoolBucks' toll-free number (800-256-8224).

Why are fees charged for using this service?

This service is a convenience made available by the District. It is non-essential, so the fees must be paid by the parents/guardians if they choose to use the service. The District is not required to accept payments by debit/credit card. Keep in mind that there is no fee to set-up an account and view your child’s meal purchases, balances and to set-up an automated email notice when your child’s meal account falls below a dollar amount you specify.

How can I avoid paying for this service?
Parents/Guardians are not required to set up a mySchoolBucks account. Users may set-up a free mySchoolBucks account for viewing their student's account if they'd like. Payments can be made by cash or check using the Meal Account Pre-Payment Envelopes and delivering them to the school office, and there are no fees for using this payment method.

Does the money in my child's account carry over from year-to-year?
Yes. The money carries from year-to-year. Once your child has completed eighth grade, you must request a refund or transfer the funds to a sibling's account. Refunds must be requested within one year after the student's departure from the District. (Use the Refund Request Form.)

Can the funds be transferred from my student's account at this District to his/her account at another district?

No. The District is unable to transfer funds to destinations outside of the District.

I'm seeing the word "Heartland" on my statements instead of mySchoolBucks. What does that mean?

MySchoolBucks was acquired by Heartland. All payments are still being processed in the same way.