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Welcome to Nutrition Services!

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Instagram contest rules-website guidelines (click here for English)
Instagram pautas de reglas del concurso-en linea (precione aqui para Espanol)

FSD Nutrition Services

Instagram Contest Guidelines:

Contest conducted by:

Fullerton School District Nutrition Services

389 W. Truslow

Fullerton, CA 92832

714-447-7437  Ask for Nancy Wikes

Contest dates
  January 21, 2019 - January 25, 2019

Who can enter:

Students attending any of the FSD schools or the parents of students attending any
FSD school.

How to enter:

  • Like this post
  • Follow us @fsdnutrition
  • Tag a friend

Two winners will be randomly chosen from all participants.

Winners will receive two AMC movie ticket gift cards.

Winners will be announced on this IG post Monday 28, 2019. The randomly chosen
winners must get in touch with FSD Nutrition Services within 2 days otherwise we’ll
randomly pick another winner. The tickets can be picked up from the Nutrition Services
office at the address noted above or sent to your school.

This promotion is NOT sponsored, endorsed or administered by, or associated with
Instagram or any other social media used throughout the contest.

This is an equal opportunity provider.





School Lunch Program to be provided by Fullerton School District





A good lunch benefits a student by giving him the energy to remain alert during class time.  This is true whether the student is in elementary school, high school or college.  As long as the student avoids a heavy midday meal, which can cause lethargy and sleepiness, a healthy lunch helps maintain peak academic performance.  Make lunch even more beneficial by choosing foods based on their nutritional benefits.

Good choices for a student's lunch include raw vegetables, whole grains and lean meat or other protein sources.  Include a light ranch dressing for vegetable dipping, and fill whole grain breads with protein-packed sunbutter. Also drink plenty of water with lunch.  The National School Lunch Program bases its prescribed meals for schools on the USDA Food Plate guide.  Consulting the Food Plate guide helps inform students about the best diet, including lunches.

The vitamins and nutrients contained in many fruits and vegetables contribute to a stronger immune system, which can mean fewer days of school missed because of illness and therefore better grades.

Free Eligible Students:         NO CHARGE
Reduced-Price:                    $0.40
Full-Price:                           $2.85 (k-6th)
Junior High:                         $3.00 (7-8th)