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2019 Vegetarian Cook Challenge


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Bids 2020-2021 SY

  • Driftwood Dairy, Piggybackable Bid #09-19 for Dairy and Juice Products
  • Gold Star Foods Inc., Piggybackable Bid No.RFP #CJNS-2018-19-Bread for Bread and Tortilla products
  • Sunrise Produce Company, Piggybackable RFP No. 2017/18-12 for Fresh and Processed Produce
  • Gold Star Foods Inc., RFP No. 2019-04 for Frozen, Refrigerated, Processed Commodity, Snacks and Dry Food products
  • Papa John's Pizza, Bid No. 2019-2020 NS-1 for Pizza deliveries
  • Pick Up Stix, Bid No. 2018-19 NS-2 Ready-To-Eat Asian Food delivery service
  • P&R Paper Supply Company, Inc., Piggybackable Bid No. 18-01 for Paper products

Welcome to Fullerton School District, Nutrition Services Department
serving the community!

Online Meal Applications, click link below to apply.

Solicitud para Alimentos (via internet), precione el enlace para aplicar.  Related image


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Child and Adult Care Food Program (CACFP)

CACFP Supper Handbooks

Last Published: 08/10/2018

These resources are periodically updated to reflect changes to the Child and Adult Care Food Program
and highlight new resources available for sponsors.

State agencies that use USDA’s prototypes and templates should always verify that forms include the
current USDA Nondiscrimination Statement available here:

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